kuraray 耐熱・難燃性繊維 ULTEM(TM) Fiber


耐熱・難燃性繊維 ULTEM(TM) Fiber
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Technology Texitile


Textile based on PEI Fiber has excellent and unique properties such as high heat resistance, flame retardant and low smoke.
PEI Fiber can be dyed with disperse dye, so PEI textile is superior to color variation and softness.
  • Excellent FR properties
  • Low smoke density
  • Dyeability(Color variation)
  • Softness
  • Mixed spinning with other fibers

Properties(Texitile using PEI Fiber/FR Rayon blending yarn

Density Number/inch 101×55
Weight g/m2 289
Strength N/m2 725
LOI --- 30.7
Flame retardant
(JIS L 1091 A4)
After flame (s) warp,weft 1, 0
Remain dust (s) warp,weft 0, 0
Burning length (cm) warp,weft 9, 7
Dropping of melt down No
Code letter A
Limited flam spread Pass
Code letter B
Level B2
Convective heat HTI24 7s
Convective heat HTI24-12 3s
Code letter C
Level C1
Radiant heat t24 16s
Radiant heat t24-12 6s
Toxic gas
HCN, Sox, Nox, Halogen, Phosphate ND

ND:Not Detected

*All data were measured by Kuraray’s method. Above indicated values are not
guaranteed figures.


  • Work wear and Firefighter garment
  • Wall fabric, Fire blocker for building
  • Seats textile for railway and aircraft etc.
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