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耐熱・難燃性繊維 ULTEM(TM) Fiber
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About PEI Fiber

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About Polyetherimide(PEI) ?

PEI(Polyetherimide) is an amorphous thermoplastics resin, which has special features, such as high heat resistance, flame retardant and low smoke etc. [manufacturer: SABIC(Saudi Basic Industries Corporation), trademark:ULTEMTM]
Kuraray has succeeded in manufacturing the ‘PEI Fiber’ with our original spinning technology.
This is a new high heat resistance and flame retardant fiber which has several unique properties, such as fine dr, low smoke density and good dyeability.
<KURAKISSS> can be used in many applications.
The most important concept of <KURAKISSS> is quite simply "the provision of safe and secure environment."


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Features of PEI Fiber

Typical Fiber Properties

Mechanical Properties Tensile strength 2.6cN/dtex
Tensile modulus 30cN/dtex
Elongation at break 70%
Thermal Properties Glass transition temp. 215~220℃
Long use temp.limit 180~200℃
Thermal shrinkage at 180℃ <3%
Limited Oxygen Index 31
Others Low smoke
Dyeability (You can use disperse dye like PET)
*All data were measured by Kuraray’s method. Above indicated values are not guaranteed figures.
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